Frequently Asked Questions
When is the club open?
The club is open every Friday and Saturday night, as well as select Thursdays. Go to our Events
page to find out which select Thursdays we are open.

What are the hours of operation?
The club is open 9pm-3am every Friday and Saturday. Checkout our Events page for hours of
operation on select Thursdays.

How old do I have to be to get into the club?
You must be 21.

Is there a cover charge to get in the club?
Yes. Cover charge on Friday night is $5 and Saturday night is $10.

How do I get in free?
Boogie Nights does not offer a typical “guest list”. To get in the club for free, visit our Events page
and check out our many promotions! Come dressed in the theme on Friday nights and get in for
free before 11pm!

How do I reserve a VIP Booth?
Call 1-888-274-6797 to reserve a VIP Booth

How do I book the Party Bus?
The party bus is the ultimate ride! It can be reserved by calling 1-888-274-6797

Can I have a bachelor/bachelorette, birthday, anniversary or other party at Boogie Nights?
Boogie Nights is the perfect place for your next big bash! We have a variety of options available that
are sure to fit any budget and any size group. Just call 1-888-274-6797  to book your next party with

Can I book a private event or rent out the entire club?
Of course you can! Boogie Nights is an awesome place for private parties, corporate events, team
building outings, you name it. Call 1-888-274-6797  to reserve the club for your next private event.

Is there a dress code?
Dress to Impress
– Boogie Nights may restrict tennis shoes, sandals, shorts, scruffy or baggy garments.
– Tank tops are not permitted for Men
– Some sports logoed apparel including baseball caps can be refused
No trench coats

*These policies are subject to Manager discretion and will be evaluated nightly depending on what theme or promotion is going on.

Is there somewhere to eat?
Before or after you get your groove on at Boogie Nights we can handle any hunger you bring to the
table. For everything from a juicy steak to soups, deli sandwiches, salads and more, there are six
great dining choices just outside the Boogie Nights entrance: Final Cut Steakhouse, H-Bar,
Hops House 99, Epic Buffet, Hollywood & Grind, The Eatery
Click Here For Info

I want to work at Boogie Nights! Who do I call?
Please visit for all employment opportunities.